Compact Music • Branding

As a family owned company, Compact Music has been a leader in the Ottawa used-music industry since the 1980’s. Their heavy vinyl collection helped them outlast media giants for decades. Currently they have two locations located on Bank Street, with plans on expanding.

The logo represents the best qualities of Compact Music’s identity: the modern, yet old school, values of the company and their root: vinyl. The logo’s blend between old school imagery and a modern sans serif font creates a harmony while being able to hold up with today’s industry standards.

The restriction given by the client was that it needed to stand out in mall signage. I did 2 rounds of logo concept sketches and once a concept was chosen I did 3 rounds of refinement before going digital. I used classic rock imagery for inspiration and came up with the CM monogram play on the vinyl coming out of it’s sleeve. I included gold in the colour pallet to represent rarities and collectibles that used record stores may sell, such as gold records.

Animated logo

Original concept sketching

Branding on business card and website

Promotional posters

Logo reveal


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