Canada Revenue Agency Scammer • Campaign

In the summer of 2015 I was tasked with inventing a visual that the Canada Revenue Agency could use to raise awareness on the rising issue of scammers pretending to be the CRA targeting the vulnerable population. Often times the scammers will contact a potential victim explaining that they are the CRA and they are owed money in X amount of prepaid credit cards and if they don’t receive the funds by a deadline they will contact the RCMP. To raise awareness that this is indeed a scam, I came up with the visuals which were then launched on a nationwide campaign featuring social media and tangible posters across the country that appear at point of purchases in most places that sell prepaid credit cards or gift cards.

Campaign banner as seen on

Examples of english and french carousel banners on

Original rough sketch of Scammer mascot

Generic Scammer promobox

Alternate Generic Scammer promobox

Scammer promobox "Talk like a Pirate" themed

Scammer promobox "Stranger Things" themed

Animated scammers

Award for the anti-scam campaign


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