Ojo • Branding

Ojo works to complete one simple problem, a lack of connection between government services and the people using them. The app offers a friendly platform that connects people directly to the services they need, effectively cutting out any time consuming middle steps. The app brand strives to maintain a friendly, feedback oriented space that encourages its users to have their voice heard and become involved members of their community, all from the comfort of their home.

Ojo’s logo is simple first and foremost. Regardless of presentation, the distinct O is obvious and easy to recognize. The word Ojo translates directly to “Eye” in spanish, the word mark is a fun and playful approach on this making a face with two giant eyes and a nose. This metaphor goes hand in hand with the idea that the mobile application is a form of neighburhood watch.

Loading screen

Ojo featured on the iPhone homescreen

App icon

Original sketch


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